The Significance of Spiritual Study

Dharma and Spiritualism

A marked line of difference exists between Dharma ie righteousness and spiritualism. Normally Dharma is inclusive of five elements. 1) God realization 2) Mode of worship 3) Stories 4) Binding Laws and 5) Ethics. Depending on the prevailing situation of the land concerned normally these five elements go on changing including Darma. But spiritualism remains constant for ever.


Spiritualism is such a powerful thought wherein the entire cosmos or the Brahmanda Can be realized within the self, what is there in the universe always prevail in individual soul also! It means Brahmanand is inclusive Pindanda too. Who is the creator to know this mistery and to absorb this in self is rather a difficult task. The easiest way to realize The Brabmanda is to realise first self only. That is through Pindanda.


To repeat it, realizing self is nothing but to realizing mere self only. To realize creation is to go out of the self. Ears are there to help us listen. Eyes are to help us to see the Universe. In between lot of technical instruments are also made available now. Such instruments are not available to realize the self i.e. Pindanda.


This is why once we realize the self in Pindanda then everything goes on smoothly for the mind to conceive for ever and ever. One good advantage of any human being is that he can definitely feel to realize that his body can be seen separated from self when even in alive The body and soul thus can be seen.


Whether it is body, mind or intellect or any of one of these, each purified soul has got a sure power to view the clear differentiation of these. This is an endowed power to human soul. The one who realizes this fast is a liberated soul, who can exercise control over body and mind under any circumstance. That is why when we say that we are the body; body itself becomes witness, body acts on its own will; these are all controlled or say administered by atma. This realization is not a gain of the body but strength lies in atma.

In physical world of science believe is based on concrete and visible proofs. Similarly spiritual live also is contained of five eternal face values. Viz –

1) faith in eternal ethical values. Here truth, love and compassion become the basis for faith values.

2) oneness of body as well as soul purity – Here faith should be powerful to have belief that all living creatures are one and very pure. All Atmas are bits of Param atma. Hence no differentiation is seen in having inseparable relations we must become soul bound. Soulbound means that in each living creatures the Atma is ever existent. Then once realized this truth, the expected changes among us can be visualized and brought in perfectly.

3) Life should coexist even after the decay of this physical body. Living life is an eternal truth. It is a matter of more mere faith. For the intellect has got its own limitations. Near near faith alone prevails to rescue us.

4) No doubt work is worship. Hence fruits is guaranteed for the effort made in. It is a law containing duty to ensure that what we sow the same we reap as fruit. Whether it is positive or negative depends on our nature job undertaken.

5) the eternal Cosmos is nothing but an administrator containing every creations based on intellect.


To conclude it does not mean that what we do is not our own self creation. There is a planner in Cosmos. For, we even do not know as to what is the use of existence here. Our vision becomes visionless incase we do not realize as to why we took birth here because of Him (God). Hi has got a certain set goal for us. This fact if realized, is fulfilled in siddhi. But there arises no necessity for us to name the creator by NAME. We may not be well versed intellectuals to realize Him. But the fact is as eternal truth is there it is a system in Cosmos creation within it along with intellect. This baby the base for faith. So to understand the pure soul spiritualism is nothing but practicing Truth Love and Compassion.


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Artist : Sanjeev Joshi