The plot of land on which Vinoba’s home sits is 35 gunthas which is little less than 1 acre. The main house in which he was born is surrounded on three sides by farmland and adjacent to a central village road. On one side it is flanked by a structure which is proposed to be a Learning Center – this building was recently renovated to add another storey. A well defines the center of the plot and serves the agricultural water needs. Behind the main house is a cow shed where the cows are sheltered.

The property has some old trees and slopes down to a water body which is just adjacent to the land. On one side of the property is an old village temple.

In 1807 Narsingh Krishnarao Bhave received the village of Gagode and it was then that the house was built. Over the years changes were made to the structure. Vinoba was born here and spent the first ten years of his life from 1895 to 1905 here. After this the family moved to Baroda. Later on he stayed at this home for a few days in the years 1920 and 1936. From 1955 onwards, the Sarvodaya movement has been conducting activities to promote his teaching and philosophy. 

Historical events in Vinoba’s life that happened at this location include:

27 Feb 1886 : Marriage of father Narhar Bhave

11 Sept 1895 : Birth of Vinoba Bhave

1901 : Thread ceremony of Vinoa Bhave

16 Oct 1903 : Birth of brother Shivaji

8 April 1906 : Birth of sister Shanti

1926 : Brother Balkoba in residence

14 to 17 April 1936 : Vinoba Bhave in residence

23 Dec 1954 : Bhave family offers its lands to the Bhoodan movement

3 Feb 1963 : Declaration of Gagode village as a Gramdaan village


Back view
Front porch originally
Side view from road